Are You Ready To Finally

Break Through Your Own B.S.

And Start Building The Life You

Truly WANT To Live?

If you are not getting your way in life…

Feel like you’re not living up to your fullest potential…

And have yet to ‘hit your stride’…

Then it’s time to get your head in the game…

…and finally start building the life YOU want to live.

Are You Ready To Level Up Your Life?

    You Want Greater Health...
    More Happiness...
    Better Relationships With Your Family,
    Business Partners, & Your Spouse...
    and To Simply Enjoy life more...
    But you don’t know where to start, or even why you can’t have all these things.

    They may even seem completely out of reach, no matter how hard you try...

    You feel like life is kicking you in the balls every time you try and you just can’t win
    There is a better way

Get Your Head Out of Your ASS and Get Out of Your Own WAY!

Whether you're 90 lbs overweight or you're addicted to working and leaving your family life to crumble...
You’ve always wanted more health, more happiness, and more joy in life, but you don’t quite know why you’re not feeling fulfilled.

You owe it to yourself to finally move past all the B.S. you've told yourself and start living the life you deserve.
If nothing else do it for your family and those you care about.

If You’re Ready For Your Best Year Ever

    If You’re Tired of Your Own B.S. and Are Ready To Be Pushed To Your Limits, Achieve More In Life... Greater Health, Wealth, Relationships, and Happiness. Then You Need to Work With Austin Linney.
    Don't Waste Another Moment "thinking" about what you should be doing...

    Work with someone who is going to kick your there and back, run beside you through the fire, and come out the other side with you...

    A coach like no other, his passion for people is evident in ever conversation, every message, every text...

What Clients Are Saying

Working with Austin has provided me the jumpstart and fuel I needed to develop the habits and life I want...

Over the last year I've become a more supportive husband, a more patient person, and more self-loving and self-confident...

I've made my health a major priority and have built it into a consistent routine. I've taken on risks that I otherwise wouldn't have in real estate deals and I'm currently looking at opportunities that I thought were years out of reach.
Jacob F.
Private Client
Austin’s coaching program has been absolutely amazing.

Working with Austin has given me the ability to move more intentionally when it comes to making decisions.

His candor and ability to analyze situations has been a total game changer for my way of life.
John O.
Private Client
I have been coaching with Austin for just over 4 months now...

I am not exaggerating when I say that in the last four months, Austin has changed my life more than I could have on my own in 10 years...

First off, he helped me realize the damage that my mindset was doing to me...Not only did he help change my mindset, he also helped me with my physical health...

By showing me how to unlock my potential, how to leverage life, and how to finally learn to love myself again Austin helped me stay sober. I was an alcoholic/addict for most of my life. I tried all of the traditional routes to getting sober, but nothing had impacted my life so positively as coaching with Austin has.

When it comes to coaching with Austin, every single aspect of my life has improved. He was the missing piece to me finally realizing/attaining my own version of success in my life.

I plan on coaching with him forever, and would recommend him to ANYONE that is truly looking to change their lives.
Cullen S.
Private Client

Who is Austin?

Austin Linney

The Bullshit Destroyer

Austin Linney is a real estate investor, and high performance coach to executives, entrepreneurs and other ass kickers who need a little ass kicking themselves. 

Austin has gone from 60+ lbs overweight, addicted to drugs and sleeping in a closet to 6 figure coach, partner of multiple businesses, world class coach and business consultant for alternative short term rental projects including converting a hotel into a short term rental (airbnb) property. 

Listen to the Construct your life Podcast if you want to get a feel for genuine entrepreneurs, investors, and individuals helping one another out. 

Austin introduces you to his breakthrough circle of contacts whom can help you achieve your wildest dreams in real estate, business and personal financial goals so you can live your best life

Austin is real, authentic, and genuinely cares about his coaching clients success and long term happiness. 

To work with Austin consider hiring him for speaking, coaching, or breakthrough consulting for your next Airbnb or Hotel Development. 

Oh and did we mention that Austin’s coaching is real, authentic, gritty and somewhat unconventional and 100% DEVOID of all the NLP crap that plagues the coaching marketing today

If you’re looking for a no B.S. ass kicker to not just hold your feet to the fire, but walk the burning coals with you, then you need to hire Austin Linney.

When My Parents Kicked Me Out | A Rock Bottom Story | Austin Linney | Austin's Academy

Why Learn Through Your Own Failures When You Can Learn From Austin's?

Austin’s passionate about giving back and helping folks who struggle with addiction, not just to drugs but to sex, work, and even verbal and physical self abuse.

If you, or someone you know is struggling with self abuse in any form, always seek out help from a trusted authority such as a psychiatrist or a medical doctor first.

If you are simply overworked, beating yourself up or want to improve your life then consider taking Austin’s course 5000 rock bottoms.

In it Austin Distills nearly 20 years of wisdom gained from failure after failure, and mistake after mistake. 

Learn More About 5000 Rock Bottoms

If You're Tired of The Revolving Door of Work... Binge... Work...

Are you a high performer who is empty inside?

Have you been working day in and day out and feel just hollow, like your soul left your body years ago and you just can’t seem to figure out why?

Well we’re not here to “give” you the answers, but can tell you that we’ve helped hundreds of men just like you find a sense of purpose in life through what we teach.

To learn more about how this may help you, apply for a break through call with Austin – apply now.

Austin's Promise To You

Whether you’re 20 something and just starting out trying to make meaning of all this, or you’re 50 something and you’re grinding your life away ready for a change and want help doing it, we’re here to help. 

We will never let money stop you from getting the help and support you need of a group of genuine, authentic, and influential men who care about you. 

If you’re willing to put in the HARD work, and really look inward to change yourself at your core, and are not afraid to walk through fire then this is the crew of men you were meant to surround yourself with. 

And if you’re the spouse to a man that needs this type of community then you are welcome in this “tribe” just as much as your partner is, because ultimately we know that YOU are the one that will help him through the flames as much if not MORE than we will. 

A supportive partner and spouse is THE most important thing a man can have in his life, and without the love and support of our friends no man is an island. 

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