My Parents Kicked Me Out

One of the true rock bottom moments for me was I grew up in a 3000 square foot house, country club, on the golf course, my dad’s a doctor, all the great things in life.

I lived across the street from NBA players, going to the country club every day, living the good life. And when my parents basically kicked me out, threw all my shit on the front porch and really distanced themselves from me, cut me off all my bills they were paying. A friend came and picked me up. I didn’t have a job. I didn’t have anything. So I got a construction job working 65 hours a week from 5:00 AM to 6:00 at night. Every day they came and picked me up, dropped me off. I didn’t know where to live, I was homeless, straight up homeless.

My best friend at the time, his brother had a house and he said, “Listen, I don’t got much. We don’t have a room, but you can live underneath the stairs.” And that’s right, the stairs in the closet. It was about 50, 70 square feet. I had a single mattress and a little light and a fan. I slept in there for the better part of three months. It was a real moment in my life where all the bad things, all the decisions that I had made had brought me to this decision… or no, brought me in this moment in time to really rock bottom and really highlight the missteps and the pissing off of people close to me and that this was their only option.

This is a real self-examination of your life, and your pride is stripped away, ego is stripped away, all these things. Have you felt this way? Have these moments happened to you? Have these times that you’ve got here and you’re like, “How do we wound up here?” And your ego is stripped away and your pride is stripped away. I’m at the lowest low, and you’re rebuilding who you thought you were. I’ve had these rock bottoms. I guarantee you I’ve had more rock bottoms than you.