What is The Wheel Theory?

Hi, I’m Austin from Texas and I guarantee you I’ve had more rock bottoms than you. It’s never as bad as it seems.

One of the theories that I believe can truly affect somebody and help them change and head towards the right direction is a spoke in the wheel theory. You have a bicycle and the tire keeps rotating just on a car, the tire keeps rotating.

And in life, we sometimes get caught up in comfort zones or we get caught up in the same thing over and over again and it’s so easy to just switch into survival mode. And when you’re switched into survival mode, you’re just trying to get to the next day. And by just getting to the next day, you’re not being conscious or intentional about your life.

And if you somehow take a trip or do something you’ve never done before, run naked in the woods, I don’t care what it is, but just do something different from your norm.

It shakes up the psyche, it shakes up the mental makeup, and it will allow you to switch things up.

It’ll allow you to switch the focus off of everything that you’re doing instead of just getting to the next day, getting to the next day. And so with my clients, what I try to do is I try to get them to do something out of the norm. And by doing that, it allows you to truly step back, refocus, and maybe shift. And the problem is in life is that these moments, we look past them, we compartmentalize them.

We don’t give them the gravity that they need, but if the universe is tugging against you or something’s tugging against you and you feel it changing, then just switch.

It’s one day, it’s one hour, it’s a week out of your time.

I promise you that you will be better for it and you will have a new clarity and lease on life if you can just put that spoke in the wheel and stick that stick in the wheel and stop it from turning and take two seconds for yourself and allow yourself to frame up the conversation in a different light.