You have to Show Up to Succeed

Hi, this is Austin from Texas, and I guarantee you I’ve had more rock bottoms than you. It’s never as bad as it seems.

There are certain things that you can do in life that set the precedence for how you show up in life. One of those is showing up on time and showing up professional, showing up research, showing up knowing something that you’re talking about. Truly, when you want to start transforming your life when you want to start getting the pieces in place to move towards a positive direction,

I’ve always been taught that 15 minutes early is on time.

By doing that, you’re showing whoever you’re meeting, a client, a person, a girlfriend, a brother or sister, you’re showing that it’s important to them. Their time is important, and by showing them that their time is important, you’re saying that your time is important because you’re creating space in your schedule to allow yourself to move and operate and not be put up against the wall over and over again.

If you’re put up back up against the wall, you’re going to be frazzled, you are going to be caught off guard, you are going to be not as mellowed out as you want to be because you’re rushing.

Once again, it all reverts back to the survival mindset.

You need to step on top of your day,

have it planned,

have yourself planned,

and by doing that,

you take ownership of the day and you take control of the actions and the emotions that you’re doing and you’re not being pressed up against the wall.

You’re not being dictated by some other person by you showing up on time, you show up as the best version of yourself, and that’s really all we can ask for.