I Got Jumped!

 So, guys, I’m in college, 19 years old. I was living by myself and I met these two guys. They were really cool dudes. We were doing a little drugs, hanging out. I was like, “I want to live with these guys.” They hated the roommate who wound up being a psychopath. I’ll get…

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My Parents Kicked Me Out

One of the true rock bottom moments for me was I grew up in a 3000 square foot house, country club, on the golf course, my dad’s a doctor, all the great things in life. I lived across the street from NBA players, going to the country club every day, living the good life. And…

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Nobody Cares Work Harder

 This is Austin from Texas and I guarantee you I’ve had more rock bottoms than you and that it’s never as bad as it seems. One of the sayings that changed my entire life was when I lost 40 pounds I went to a family event and you know, you’re feeling better about yourself,…

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