Adam Whitney: Expand Your Mindset and Ruthlessly Execute Your Plan

Meet Adam Whitney is an active-duty Marine who’s been serving for 16 years, a real estate investor, private lender, and direct seller marketer. He lives by his will to win which is what took him to the military and later to real estate.

In this episode of Construct Your Life with Austin Linney, Adam talks about how his childhood shaped his resilience and need to be successful. He explains how he juggles a busy military life, building wealth, and being a husband and father to his two kids.

Listen in to learn the importance of being financially literate to better manage, save, and invest your income for wealth creation.

“Focus on one thing and make it great.”– Adam [34:36]

What You Will Discover:

  • [3:18] How early life adversities make you resilient and focused on future success.
  • [10:40] The service and networking components of real estate that makes it attractive and similar to the military.
  • [14:06] Pay attention to the expenses and invest with the right people when investing in remote real estate.
  • [18:40] The importance of financial literacy and teaching it to kids at an early age.
  • [26:20] How to focus on expanding your mindset and surrounding yourself with positivity.
  • [32:41] Focus on being able to find deals and raise money to be a superpower in real estate.
  • [39:27] Understanding the dynamics of e-commerce and its impact in 2021.

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