Chris Gormley: How To Be Innovative in Becoming Successful in Real Estate 

Meet Chris, a real estate investor, lucrative deal provider and a family man. He established Network Ventures Group which is an investment company looking to bring increased value and living standards to communities and families across the United States. Utilizing the most up-to-date technology and resources, putting brains together for the most creative strategies, identifying areas of opportunity in markets and partnering with like-minded people. They focus on flipping, wholesaling and buy-and-hold acquisitions consisting of 1-4 units. 

What You Will Discover: 

  • [2:52] He Shares The Skills That You Can Obtain Through Sales And How Can You Apply It In Real Life
  • [5:00] Tells His Stories And Journey How He Started With Real Estate And Goals In The Business
  • [10:03] What Gives Him The Confidence To Invest In Properties And Real Estate
  • [13:00] How His Family, Friends And Partner Supports Him Throughout This Journey In Flipping Houses
  • [24:17] The Right Mindset And Best Practices That You Can Do As A Leader And Owner Of Your Company 
  • [27:45] How He Is Sourcing Skills To Flip Houses And Achieve Great Outcome 

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