Adrian Salazar: How To Run A Smooth Business And Have A Good Relationship With Your Team 

Meet Adrian, started in real estate when he was just 17 years old. He has a portfolio of 6 short-term rentals and they are all in the apartment complexes that he owns. He has created processes and systems to automate the operations so that he can continue focusing on growing his portfolio and maximizing his returns. 

What You Will Discover: 

  • [04:11] We Have To Force Ourselves In Certain Situations To Give Ourselves The Permission To Take A Break
  • [06:57] People Invest A Lot Of Energy And Effort To Impress Somebody
  • [12:13] Accept The Way You’re Feeling And Know That You Can Change It
  • [14:46] Adrian Shares His Story On How Not To Give Up On A Deal
  • [30:50] Adrian’s Advice How To Stay Focused Everyday 
  • [32:19] How Adrian Runs His Airbnb Business 

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