You Have to Put In The Work

 Hi, I’m Austin from Texas and I guarantee you I’ve had many more rock bottoms than you have. It’s never as bad as it seems. One of the things that affected me in high school, college and so on, is I had the advantage of having a photographic memory. And by having a photographic…

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Why I Left College

 Guys for me, the story that resonates pretty hardcore is I dropped out of college three times. The first time I was 19. I was going to Blinn. I was doing good. Wasn’t loving it, but I was doing good and I got jumped by a bunch of guys at a party. They beat…

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I Got Jumped!

 So, guys, I’m in college, 19 years old. I was living by myself and I met these two guys. They were really cool dudes. We were doing a little drugs, hanging out. I was like, “I want to live with these guys.” They hated the roommate who wound up being a psychopath. I’ll get…

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